A brain in a thoughtful pose. Kinda meta, I guess.

Zoom Break Out Rooms

A teacher at our weekly Friday CTEI “How is it going?” meeting asked about Zoom break out rooms. We learned you have to enable the feature to use it:   Here is documentation on how to use the break out rooms.

Some Pentominoes

Moodle Quizzes and Tests the Wrong Way

I think for this semester I should start a series called adequacy over excellence. For instance, I just want to get Moodle homework, quizzes, and tests up quickly this semester and do not care if my content is carefully organized and available for the future.  I have no idea what a category is or where […]

A slide with five rules for Zoom meetings

Netiquette Slide

Shanna Simpson Singleton uses this slide: Zoom Meeting Rules, at the start of Zoom sessions to help novice Zoom users remember that this is still a serious classroom.  

A picture of a Livescribe pen with too much shadow and not enough contrast.

Aegir Pen for Capturing Notes and Examples

[The Aegir pen by Livescribe] is small and simple device to use that allow you to create interactive video lessons simply by writing on a digitized piece of paper. The Aegir smart pen captures everything you say and write on a digitized paper and stores it in its memory. You then can save what you […]

Using Zoom as Lecture Capture

This may be obvious but you can have a Zoom meeting with just yourself to make a video. Start the recording, launch the window you want to share, or a whiteboard and off you go . . . I upload the recording to Youtube for captioning. If I am feeling very professional that day I […]

Person holding cards including 3 jokers

Weekend Wildcards

I have received a lot of helpful hints from teachers testing tools. 1. Pam Powwow: Pamela Stewart has set up a recurring ZOOM Faculty meeting that’ll happen every Friday @ 10am beginning March 27th. Link: https://zoom.us/j/927866644 This will be an informal session to discuss how the first week went and (if anyone is interested) she’ll show […]