I Annotate 2021

If you missed the full five days of the conference on how to use hypothes.is which allows collaborative learning online, you can check out the full #ianno21 program and visit session detail pages to view specific recordings and resources. You can even annotate the program itself, and annotate video transcripts of each session while you watch recordings here: https://web.hypothes.is/blog/ianno21/?utm_campaign=25%20Million&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=141868844&_hsenc=p2ANqtz–5tG6z4t3Hn_NWtutbTW8C47HfUIye_k40_kre0KLdzt4klwYsNeTc8prPPT-5ItsKDgMmDXiiBkDsUDJo8-HA4bgEuw&utm_content=141868844&utm_source=hs_email 

Flipgrid Live

This year at FlipgridLIVE, they announced a new and improved Flipgrid experience including a simplified UI, backgrounds, music and fun new Flipgrid lenses, designed especially for building community in our online classrooms. Check it out here in case you missed it or join the Flipgrid Community Team as they dedicate the month of August to helping educators navigate this new school year, including conversations around digital citizenship and ways to use Flipgrid with family members!

You can watch on demand in YouTube


Thank goodness it (will be) May when the CTEI has its last planned session for the academic year on Tuesday, May 4 from 1 to 2 PM. This is a great chance for you to vent and socialize about the past year. It is also a great chance to let the CTEI co-directors know what programming you would like for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

  • Did you learn something you would like to share?
  • Did you see a software used somewhere and want to know if we have a campus expert?
  • Do you want to improve your assessment of your course?
  • Do you want to improve assessment of ILO’s in your course?
  • Do you want help creating group assignments?
  • Do you want to learn how to support returning students using the Michigan Reconnect grant?
  • Do you want to learn more about a student support area?
  • Have you seen a great speaker we should invite?

The above topics are obviously just a starting point for the many ideas you might have. Drop by and let us know! We promise not to interrupt any rants you may need to have.

Interactive Zoom Classes

This is not the greatest post for any lurkers from outside the College as the resources require HFC logins.

The CTEI with the support and encouragement of the Instructional Technology Committee offered two sessions on making Zoom more interactive. One session coming up this Friday has limited seats and might not be at a convenient time for you.

However, we did record our March 25 session where we worked with Microsoft Forms, Mentimeter, Socrative, Zoom’s internal quizzing, and Google sheets. If yo uare looking for a tool to informally assess what your students think of the class this is a great session to help you decide on what tool to use.

At the CTEI Mentors HFC Online site (login required) you can find links to the software used.

At the College’s Microsoft Stream site you can find a video (login required).

Zoom Break out Rooms Now Allow Participant Choice

I may be the one behind the times here but this surprised me when I learned it last night. (Edit: I am. It is a 5 month old feature). You can now allow Zoom participants to choose their own break out room.

Here is what setting that up looks like (you just have to check one box if you are already used to using break out rooms).

This is a long overdue feature that I can definitely see using in a number of ways. Two come to mind immediately. I can see this being useful at the end of a class to let students work together on different items. Or, if you are hosting a tutoring session you could have areas for quiet study and for collaboration.

Wooclap Revisited

Sometime in the next couple months I will choose between Socrative, Wooclap, and Microsoft Forms for quizzing in my fall classes. Any of these will work in either face-to-face or remote settings. I would use them differently and less often in a face-to-face setting.

I decided to give Wooclap another try now that you can put LaTeX (a typesetting language convenient for mathematics) to enter equations in the questions. Wooclap has a large number of question types. My current quizzing produce, Socrative, had only 3 types of question, but a good math editor. Microsoft Forms has a lot of question types and captures responses very well, but the live display is not great.

Students can answer Wooclap questions through a browser of their choice. Links to your questions (and QR codes) are provided and customizable. If you are rich you can also have the students answer through text (plans costs go from around $84 US/year to $180 US/year for texting and a few other features.)

Here is what I will try in calculus next week:

There is a free version of Wooclap. The biggest drawback to the free version is that you cannot ask more than two questions in a single event. You could create multiple events.

The first level of paid subscription allows as many questions as you would like in a single event. It does not allow a lot of background customization or removal of the wooclap branding.

At HFC we do not have access to the Microsoft store otherwise we could import Wooclap questions into PowerPoint and Teams instead of having to upload PowerPoint presentations into Wooclap.

I know from posting in my personal blog that Wooclap searches for their name in social media so I’ll expect a comment sometime tomorrow . . . Seriously though they were very positive and responsive that time so I may learn of features I did not find by just trying the software without support.

Information about How to Use EMAIl and OFFICE


The URL above is maintained by the Network and Infrastructure (IT) area of the College. When they get questions or concerns from employees at the College about how to use an email or office feature they develop a PDF or video or have a partner company develop a PDF or video.

The first place you may want to check to see if your question have been answered is the Documents section of the Sharepoint site.

A screen capture showing the contents of the Documents directory at the Sharepoint site where Network and Infrastructure (IT) shares documents.
Look here first!

Special Event: Doug Shaw, Ph. D. Coming Virtually on Friday, April 16 from 2 PM to 4 PM

We are pleased to announce that we will have an entertaining workshop on how to use Zoom features in clever ways to promote interactivity in your classes. Doug Shaw of the University of Northern Iowa (http://dougshaw.com/) will lead the session. You can indicate you would like to attend here. The workshop is limited to 50 participants. We will leave the form open until 5 PM this Friday, March 19. Then we will select 50 participants for the workshop with an effort to balance attendance between the BEPD, HHS, SoLA, STEM, and support teachers as well as between full-time and part-time teachers. Within groups time of submission will determine who gets the chance to attend. After March 19 you can email us (Jeff Morford or Eric Rader) to determine if seats have opened up.

Here is a post I made after attending one of his sessions earlier this year.

We recognize that this session will have little to no impact on your winter teaching. Honestly we had hoped such sessions would not be needed but it looks like at least some areas will have remote classes into the summer and fall.