As we begin to plan for the winter calendar for CTEI we get session ideas, and scheduling ideas from our usage data, from our Advisory Board, and from you! Please take a minute and leave us a comment in which you tell us what you hope to learn about in CTEI sessions in the next semester, or year. Then, let us know which days and times are the best for you to attend a session.


2 thoughts on “Winter Planning

  1. Frank and open discussion on grading. Adjunct and FT could benefit. Not rubrics. More philosophical approaches and expectations of students and instructors. Points Cs. Letter grades.

    Retention. As programs are increasingly held accountable for retention – how do we keep students engaged when they get jobs that conflict w classes, have family issues that demand their time away from study, can’t get to class, etc. what resources exist. What can instructors do beyond being there for the student.


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