The CTEI is forming book discussion groups for the winter. All teachers are welcome and we will schedule readings so as many people as possible can attend. Books are available to borrow, but Full Time teachers are encouraged to purchase any books and seek reimbursement through the Professional Improvement Fund. Express an interest below!

Teaching Naked Techniques Bowen Book Group
If you missed out on the opportunity to read and discuss Dr. Jose Antonio Bowen’s practical text in the fall, open this link and let us know your availability for discussion in the Winter: Teaching Naked Availability Survey
ISBN: 978-1-119-13611-8

Becoming a Student-Ready College McNair Book Group
As a follow-up to Dr. Tia McNair Brown’s presentation at last week’s PIC, we hope to form at least one reading/study group to discuss Becoming a Student-Reading College. Interested? Open this link to let us know your availability: Becoming a Student-Ready College Availability
ISBN: 978-1-110-11951-7

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