You Can’t Ice Our Our Professional Development

One thing I have learned over years of teaching is that you should not use sports metaphors when trying to reach a broad audience. So, for instance, you should not compare calling a time out to ice a kicker in football to having literal ice cause the cancelation of a professional development session. But, c’mon, they both have the word ice in them.

Icing the kicker doesn’t work on average -sorry to any readers originally from Chicago- and icing our CTEI sessions never works. The CTEI session that was scheduled for January 23 will take place on February 20 at 11:10 AM. So, bring your lunches and bring an activity you use on your opening day of class to the Ghafari Room on February 20. Each participant will have around 5 minutes to describe their activity and why they chose it for their class. Be ready to steal the good ideas for your own opening days. (Notice how I avoided mixing metaphors by not introducing baseball, or basketball steals there.) Please make 10 copies of your activity to share if you can. I am also willing to curate a cache of the activities if you send them ahead of time to me.

I hope you had a productive, or relaxing day away from the office. And I hope that you are ready to score those three points for our students when you return.

By Rosemary Miketa

"Technology is best when it brings people together"

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