So, I thought pointing to the away-from-email-feature in Outlook might be topical since some teachers will not check email during spring break or might plan to check email less often. You can set Outlook to send a message to those who contact you so that they know when to expect a reply.

I prefer the web version of Outlook for most features so I found the settings there. Right under whatever bars you have for your browser, near the top of the screen, is a colorful strip that ends in either your picture or your initials at the far right. Near there is the traditional cog that indicates settings. Click that.

Then select “View all Outlook settings” near the bottom of the page.

Finally go to “Automatic replies” and set the dates you will be away, the message you want to send, and whether only HFC email addresses get the message or if everyone does. I used everyone since I want to make students aware that I probably will not reply right away to emails during this period.

This shows the settings on the Automatic Replies page for Outlook.
Do not try to reach me the first full week of March.

Click save and you are done. You can set this up whenever you are ready and then forget about it since it allows for both a start and an end date. Feel free to leave comments about this feature or other features of Outlook- just do not expect a reply in early March.

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