On April 11 from 4 PM to 6 PM near the 5101 Restaurant the CTEI will offer a fun, fast-paced sessions called Hawk Strikes. Hawk Strikes give areas a chance to show off new curriculum, or new pedagogy in their areas. And you only have to present for 5 minutes.

In fact we will insist you only present for 5 minutes. You may have up to 10 Power Point slides and each will advance automatically every 30 seconds. If you have been at similar events at professional conferences you probably know these are exciting and a great way to get an overview of happenings- in this case happenings on our own campus.

And- as usual- light refreshments are included.

Do you have something exciting going on in your classroom, or department? Can you recommend someone for us to contact about something exciting in their classroom, or department? Let us know by commenting, or by emailing- Jeff Morford or Pam Stewart.

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