The CTEI Advisory Board is currently a walk-on committee, meaning any full or part-time faculty member is welcome to join. Full-time instructors looking to fulfill their contractual obligation of college-wide committee involvement or participation in shared governance can do so without the worry of going through an election.  Part-time instructors receive a stipend for participation in accordance with their contract.

The Advisory Board meets one Monday a month from 3:30-4:30 PM to discuss HFC 101 (orientation for new full-time faculty) and professional development opportunities-books, topics,and delivery methods- that would best serve our teachers. We hope to build committee membership from each of the four schools, including both full and part-time teachers, to ensure that our content is both relevant and useful for all faculty.

One group of sessions suggested by the 2018-2019 Advisory Board was the lunchtime sharing sessions we are having on some Wednesdays this year.The 2018-2019 Board also helped us with suggestions on how to furnish the CTEI space.

Still undecided?  Attend our first meeting on Monday, September 30 from 3:30 to 4:30 in N-001 (the basement of the campus safety building). This is the same room the CTEI had a few years ago.

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