Part-time teachers can earn additional pay under the AFO contract for attending some CTEI sessions. This includes our virtual sessions through Monday Morning Mentor. If a teacher watches two Monday Morning Mentor segments and sends their notes for the sessions along with the reimbursement form to Jeff Morford or Pamela Stewart we can submit this as one-hour of professional development. You can even use the note-taking guide provided with the video to help you organize your notes. Read the weekly update from Pam each week to determine whether you think the Monday Morning Mentor topic seems like it might be relevant to your teaching. And, of course, reimbursement is limited by provisions of the AFO contract including (but not limited to) a cap on total reimbursement for on-campus professional development. See the contract or your appropriate union officer for more details.

(The image may be gauche because the point is the learning but I already had the license to this image and am frugal.)

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