I knew we could do this! While I was making and eating dinner I received several links to resources other teachers have found helpful. I will place them in this article. Give other suggestions in the comments and I will move them here.

Maria Andersen/Almy Education Resources

“How to move your math or science class online” (free sign-up / registration required for access)


CMUOnline Workshops for Educators

Critical and Creative Teaching in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis A collection of resources organized to help faculty transitioning to teaching online

Community of Inquiry

Community of Inquiry Framework  Course development rubrics – provides a set of criteria based on foundational course design principles


A blog post explaining that you need to be practical and links to other resources. (Author Jacqueline Wernimont)


Five Ways to Promote Student Autonomy in Online Discussion

Michigan Colleges Online

Michigan Colleges Online Rubric (PDF) – free to use by all MCO member institutions

Michigan State University

Keep Teaching: A Guide to Remote Teaching at MSU

Online Learning Consortium

Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Continuity Planning and Emergency Preparedness

Research-based approaches to teaching online maintaining a focus on students as people

Quality Matters

Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric (PDF) – requires paid membership for use; They also have a newly developed  Emergency Remote Instruction Checklist.

Thriving in Uncertainty Webinar on March 19

Link to Register

University of Michigan

U of M Center for Academic Innovation: Keep Teaching @ UM


Special thanks to Chardin Claybourne for all the resources he has suggested.
Tell me more in the comments and I will move them to the main page. Rave about the ones you like in the comments so others know. The UM, MSU, amd Quality Matters Emergency Remote Checklists seemed to me to get right to the point.
We can do this!

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