This post is a follow up to Moving to Remote Quickly. In it I show an almost complete task list for what I want students to do in the first week back from spring break and how I created some of it.

If you do not feel comfortable yet with Moodle you can attend training this week, seek out help from others, or in the short term exchange task lists and papers via email with students. I might suggest that if you don’t want to meet face-to-face that you temporarily add the other teacher as an editing member of your course. Then they can make changes too as you talk on the phone or via video conference.

If you are comfortable with Moodle you can see that I just have a list in approximately the order students might do the work. If you create or find videos in Youtube you can add them just by adding the URL. If you want to add face-to-face meetings with Big Blue Button or zoom you can provide directions. But, don’t let not being ready to add the fancy stuff stop you from communicating with your students and giving them the work they need to learn.

Anyway, here is the next step in my process. I still have not picked (or decided not to pick) additional software. Soon I will. (There only is soon left.) I stopped the video before I pressed the save changes button. Make sure to save your changes.

Captioned Version:

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