I have received a lot of helpful hints from teachers testing tools.

1. Pam Powwow: Pamela Stewart has set up a recurring ZOOM Faculty meeting that’ll happen every Friday @ 10am beginning March 27th.

Link: https://zoom.us/j/927866644

This will be an informal session to discuss how the first week went and (if anyone is interested) she’ll show how to set up and share a ZOOM meeting in HFC Online.

2. Presentation Product: Jessica Shamberger recommends Loom. “there’s software called Loom that I have been using as well, which is a presenting and screen-casting tool [emphasis added] that is really good as an alternativefor having to explain a lot of information via email or through a messaging app. It’s free to educators right now and SUPER EASY, which is most important for me. There are several tutorials on it. I have included a video I did for my class just as an example of what it is, which isHERE

 3. Monday Morning Mentor (Timely Topic)  (ooh, thanks for the alliteration Magna):

What Teaching Strategies Help Engage All Learners Online? (available March 23 – 29)

4. Tutorial Builder: [Alliteration can be hard] Jessica Shamberger also uses a tool called iorad, “… which is a tutorial builder software (there is a free version which I use). It tracks and types out all your activity you do on webpage and then has a text-to-speech dictation for any hand-written instructions. Also, it allows students to view the tutorial in video form, interactive form (where they actually need to follow each step on screen in order to move to the next slide) or it can produce a PDF version. I included a link here that shows one example I made for one of my lower level classes about the HFC website with all the change information for the semester”

5. Todd Teams: Todd Browning has worked a little with Teams the last week and is willing to give some help. Since there are hundreds of us and only one Todd, in the short term please ask specific questions if you are seriously considering it. Our IT department has commissioned a collection of resources on how to use Teams that should be ready soon as well.

6. Distance Deportment: Jessica Shamberger recommends this article as a starting place for teachers or students wondering about video chat etiquette.

7. Zoom Zine: Vinita Parekh found this introduction to Zoom teleconferencing software posted by Case Western University helpful:

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