OK, I couldn’t wait to play with Prezi’s Zoom integration (sorry math students who will have their papers graded tonight instead of this afternoon). I have used Prezi before so I had a bit of an advantage of knowing what to do so I created the following video in about half an hour including all prep time. If you did not know about the Prezi pathway and if Prezi hadn’t done a lot of automating the pathway recently (I couldn’t find the controls for this) it would take longer.

I would consider using this on an introduction or review day when I was looking for a little flashiness and their probably wouldn’t be a lot of varying from the script. It might make true interaction more difficuly (although you could turn off the Prezi overlay and switch to screen sharing at any time).

Anyway. This is an actual recording of a Zoom meeting a ran to see how the Prezi/Zoom integration works.

A brain that looks like it might be exploding
Mind blown!

This thing is addictive. Here is how you could use it for context cues for what is happening in class with screen shares.

One more idea of how to use this. I am not sure that this is better than Screencast-O-Matic with a talking window overlay, but it is different and at least gets at my third level of my teaching philosophy (I’m in the class space a lot of time during the semester and I should enjoy it.)

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