We are pleased to announce that we will have an entertaining workshop on how to use Zoom features in clever ways to promote interactivity in your classes. Doug Shaw of the University of Northern Iowa (http://dougshaw.com/) will lead the session. You can indicate you would like to attend here. The workshop is limited to 50 participants. We will leave the form open until 5 PM this Friday, March 19. Then we will select 50 participants for the workshop with an effort to balance attendance between the BEPD, HHS, SoLA, STEM, and support teachers as well as between full-time and part-time teachers. Within groups time of submission will determine who gets the chance to attend. After March 19 you can email us (Jeff Morford or Eric Rader) to determine if seats have opened up.

Here is a post I made after attending one of his sessions earlier this year.

We recognize that this session will have little to no impact on your winter teaching. Honestly we had hoped such sessions would not be needed but it looks like at least some areas will have remote classes into the summer and fall.

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