Sometime in the next couple months I will choose between Socrative, Wooclap, and Microsoft Forms for quizzing in my fall classes. Any of these will work in either face-to-face or remote settings. I would use them differently and less often in a face-to-face setting.

I decided to give Wooclap another try now that you can put LaTeX (a typesetting language convenient for mathematics) to enter equations in the questions. Wooclap has a large number of question types. My current quizzing produce, Socrative, had only 3 types of question, but a good math editor. Microsoft Forms has a lot of question types and captures responses very well, but the live display is not great.

Students can answer Wooclap questions through a browser of their choice. Links to your questions (and QR codes) are provided and customizable. If you are rich you can also have the students answer through text (plans costs go from around $84 US/year to $180 US/year for texting and a few other features.)

Here is what I will try in calculus next week:

There is a free version of Wooclap. The biggest drawback to the free version is that you cannot ask more than two questions in a single event. You could create multiple events.

The first level of paid subscription allows as many questions as you would like in a single event. It does not allow a lot of background customization or removal of the wooclap branding.

At HFC we do not have access to the Microsoft store otherwise we could import Wooclap questions into PowerPoint and Teams instead of having to upload PowerPoint presentations into Wooclap.

I know from posting in my personal blog that Wooclap searches for their name in social media so I’ll expect a comment sometime tomorrow . . . Seriously though they were very positive and responsive that time so I may learn of features I did not find by just trying the software without support.

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