Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence & Innovation!

The Center for Teaching Excellence & Innovation, commonly known on campus as the CTEI, is a department dedicated to providing professional development opportunities to the college community with the primary goal of improving teaching and student learning outcomes.

If you have any questions or would like to contact the Center, contact one of the co-directors:

ELI Faculty
Rosemary Miketa, rmiketa@hfcc.edu, 313-845-9622

English Faculty (fall 2022)
Scott Still, smstill@hfcc.edu, 313-8456380

What People Say

This is wonderful, both the QR code and the Magna lessons. It should be somehow assigned to all instructors. Understanding backward design is so important to providing learner-centered instruction.



Thanks for inviting me to the Hy Flex meeting. It was very educational. I learned so much today. 



Thank you for introducing us to HFC. Useful information and I like that it is in Moodle for future reference.



Let’s build our community.