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Preparing to Teach Online

Teachers who wish to teach online can take the four-week course Preparing to Teach Online. As this is a new course and there is a surge in desire to take it now please apply through your Associate Dean who will decide who gets each schools’ slots in the short term. This course assumes you know […]

You could choose to bring an apple to the brown bag session just like Sara Bella is holding here.

Brown Bag Update

The Discussion Group on Assessment has set the theme of the next Brown Bag Session on February 28. We will look at technology products for informal assessment. For instance presenters will model Plickers, Kahoot!, Quizlet, and Quizizz. If you use such a product for assessment or just want to learn more join us in N-001 […]

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Faculty Learning Community Update

As part of a session on Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) one existing community updated their progress. Read about it below. If you are interested in creating your own FLC contact Pam Stewart or Jeff Morford for more information. What impact does technology have on student emotion, motivation and academic success? Formed last winter, the Technology […]

You could choose to bring an apple to the brown bag session just like Sara Bella is holding here.

Brown Bag for Winter

This Winter’s Brown Bag series will focus on grading and assessment. Please attend on January 31 from 1-2 PM in N-001 to learn how your colleagues grade and assess. You can bring an example of how you grade or an interesting assessment or just listen to other teachers describe their system. At the end of […]

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Coming January 31: Winter Book Group

The CTEI is hosting discussion groups for Dr. Paul Hernandez’s Pedagogy of Real Talk. Based on responses to an email invitation it appears that we will have at least a Friday book group. On January 31 from 3:10 to 4:30 teachers will meet to discuss the first two chapters of the book. (Jeff will email […]

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Bioluminescence: Teaching STEM to First Generation College Students

Jolie Stepaniak presented today on how to teach STEM to first generation college students. Jolie did indicate that while some of the specifics in the presentation were just about the sciences, the strategies presented could generalize to any discipline. The talk could have been titled “How to Teach [Insert Discipline] to first generation college students,” […]

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Digital Education Day Details

March 20, 2020 is Digital Education Day. Faculty from several campuses will learn why some myths about digital education are not true. Among the myths to be busted are that There is no way to get THIS course online Since digital natives have used social media all their lives they are better at all aspects […]