Reading Matters – Reading Apprenticeship

We live in a time where students have unlimited access to information through their electronic devices.  While we may push out academic content via Moodle, Remind, Slack, or another LMS, print/paper text continues to present a significant challenge for many of our learners.  What can we do to nudge reluctant readers to engage with the text of our discipline? Why don’t students recognize the importance of reading before class? How can we hold our high academic standards while extending an invitation to read and engage with our textbooks?  

Building on the foundation laid at January’s Professional Issues Conference (PIC 2018), join us for the first of three meetings this semester where we will discuss how classroom activities, norms and syllabus language can build (or discourage) student engagement with text both in and outside of our classrooms.

Meetings will build on one another, but attendance at all three sessions is not required.  The first meeting will happen on Wednesday, September 12 from 1 – 2 pm in room K-224.  Watch for text notification via REMIND or sign up now (

Administration and Information

Upcoming General Interest Conferences in Michigan

Are you interested in a road trip for some professional development? Here are some conferences coming up in the next few months that you might consider attending. Do you have others to suggest? Add them to the comments, or email Jeff Morford, or Pamela Stewart.

Michigan Developmental Education Conference (MDEC)

Impacting the future of Developmental Education in Michigan
October 18-19, 2018 at Lansing Community College

TRENDS Conference

“Trends is a conference designed by faculty for faculty and staff who are passionate about career and technical community college education.”
October 26-28, 2018
Troy, MI
Several HFC faculty members are presenting

Oakland University’s Great Lakes Student Success Conference

“This year’s conference brings experts and practitioners focused on persistence and practice through various lenses, ranging from engagement and technology to resiliency and student success initiatives. “
Detroit, MI
March 21-22, 2019

IT Lives: Sessions on Moodle Gradebook and the Portal

The CTEI is proud to announce two sessions about instructional technology on our campus. Both sessions will repeat in the hopes of capturing everyone who wishes to attend. While we should have room for drop-ins, please consider signing up for the sessions that interest you to ensure we have adequate seating.

Learn the basics of Moodle gradebook on September 5 at 9 AM or on September 6 at 3 PM.

Sign up for the 9 AM session on Wednesday, September 5 at:

Sign up for the 3 PM session on Thursday, September 6 at:

Learn about changes to the HFC Portal on September 5 at 3 PM or on September 6 at 9AM.

Sign up for the 3 PM session on Wednesday, September 5 at:

Sign up for the 9 AM session on Thursday, September 6 at:

All sessions are in the Instructional Technology Lab (N-011).


Fall Book Group Sign Up Is Open

President of Goucher College, musician, author, and scholar José Antonio Bowen will present at the annual CTEI mini-conference on September 21. Building on that experience, the CTEI will also offer book groups to discuss Bowen’s book – Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes.  

Book Group A will meet from 1-2 PM in K-224 on the following Mondays: September 17, October 8, October 22, November 12, December 3. Open this link to sign up:

Book Group B will meet from 3:30-4:30 in the Hackett Conference Room (G-150) on the following Tuesdays: September 18, October 9, October 23, November 20, December 4.  Open this link to sign up:

Local 1650 members are encouraged to buy the book because it qualifies for reimbursement from the Professional Improvement Fund (PIF). The CTEI has only limited quantities of the book to loan. We will distribute them based on the order of sign up and notify those who ask to borrow a copy if we can support them in a timely manner.


While we recognize professional responsibilities change, we hope that if you join the group you plan to attend the majority of the sessions. We hope that we can accomodate all interested parties, but may limit the size of the groups to ensure a quality discussion. Please join one of the book groups even if you cannot attend the mini-conference.


Global Learning Across the Curriculum October 24 Hosted by UM-Dearborn

Scott Riggs, Director of Global Engagement at UM-D, has invited us to participate in a session led by Stephanie Doscher, Ed.D.  Pamela Stewart and Jeff Morford have an email we can forward if you need more information before deciding whether to attend. The main text of the email and a link to register are included below.

Global Learning Across the Curriculum: An Experiential Introduction
You have important information to share with your students. Learn how you can use global learning pedagogical techniques to enhance meaning and value in your classroom.

Although the process of global learning isn’t appropriate for every course, it can be implemented in every discipline. Join your colleagues across the university in this active workshop which will help you define global learning and its applications in your discipline by experiencing it yourselves.


Wednesday, October 24, 2018
1 PM – 2:45 PM

University of Michigan-Dearborn
Fairlane Center South, Michigan Rooms

Administration and Information

What Is the CTEI Advisory Board?

The CTEI Advisory Board is currently a walk-on committee, meaning any full or part-time faculty member is welcome to join. Full-time instructors looking to fulfill their contractual obligation of college-wide committee involvement or participation in shared governance can do so without the worry of going through an election.  Part-time instructors receive a stipend for participation in accordance with their contract.

The Advisory Board meets one Monday a month from 3:30-4:30 PM to discuss HF(C)C 101 (orientation for new full-time faculty) and professional development opportunities (books, topics,and delivery methods)that would best serve our teachers. We hope to build committee membership from each of the four schools (including both full and part-time teachers)to ensure that our content is both relevant and useful for all faculty.

In addition to planning specific sessions, the CTEI Advisory Board hopes to partner with college departments and schools to advertise innovative curriculum design and delivery in their areas.  For example, the School of STEM will hold a series of professional development opportunities this fall – Math Colloquium – that is currently focused on our blog. We are also building on last year’s collaboration with UM-Dearborn’s Teaching Hub to bring Jose Bowen to both campuses on September 21.  Your input will guide us towards innovative ways to build a campus community of inquiry and best teaching practices.

Still undecided?  Attend our first meeting on Monday, August 27 from 3:30 to 4:30 in the Hackett Conference Room (G-Building- enter through the School of Health and Human Services Office).

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Jarrett  CC2


Spotlight on Mathematics

The Mathematics Department will have a series of sessions on Thursdays this fall that focus either on areas of the campus that support math instruction or on improving math instruction. The first session is at 3:30 on September 6 and features Dr. Daniel Herbst speaking about how the work of the Student Affairs office intersects with the work of mathematics teachers. The second session, the next week at the same time, will focus on teaching in the pathway to calculus- that is teaching students in STEM fields. A complete draft calendar is ready for the fall.

The CTEI can point a spotlight at professional development in your area, too. We would get to learn about ongoing professional development at the College, some of which might have appeal to a broad audience at the College. We could create general sessions in following semesters, and, in return, you would get CTEI marketing for your sessions. In addition it would support an argument the College’s Human Resources Department that these events qualify for reimbursement for part-time teachers who attend the session. Although, for this reason we cannot shine a spotlight on routine training required to do your work at the College.

If you are interested in having professional development sessions in your area featured by the CTEI please contact Pamela Stewart or Jeff Morford.

Administration and Information

Join the CTEI Remind Groups

Remind is both an app and a website that allows users to communicate easily without sharing personal cell numbers.   For those who prefer not to download the app on their cell phone or tablet, a website account can be created and accessed via computer.  We will send out brief reminders, links and pre-session readings using this handy app.

To receive information on upcoming CTEI events and corresponding materials, please join the CTEI 2018-2019 Group using this link:  CTEI 2018-2019 Group

New faculty will attend orientation sessions designed to familiarize them with HFC’s unique history, mission, college organization and student demographic.  If you are a new faculty member, welcome!  Please join the HFC 101 New Faculty Group using this link:  HFC 101 New Faculty Group

Articles and Books

Teaching Naked Techniques

“Engagement precedes learning.”  (Bowen & Watson 2017)

What does an engaged student look like?   How does course design and instructor planning impact student engagement long before the first class meeting?  Why should instructors care about building a culture of inquiry and comfort where students feel compelled to not only show up for class, but show up having read and thought so they are prepared to actively engage?

If you find these questions interesting (or perhaps disconcerting), mark your calendar for the CTEI Mini-conference scheduled on Friday, 21 September.  Author Jose Antonio Bowen will join HFC and UM-Dearborn faculty to discuss practical strategies instructors can follow to engage and retain learners.   Click this link to look inside:  Teaching Naked Techniques A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes  Each chapter focuses on one active teaching technique, provides step-by-step guidance and explicit examples of how professors across a wide range of fields and campuses (University of Georgia and the U.S. Naval Academy, to name a few) are putting these techniques into practice.  For those who wish to dive deeper, a list of additional resources and and an impressive list of references close each of the 13 chapters.

Full-time faculty can be reimbursed for purchasing this book from the Professional Improvement Fund (PIF). If you read this before August 1 and have not reached your PIF maximum for this year, consider buying this book for your personal library.


Fall 2018 Events

While you may recognize some familiar sessions like the book group and first day of class workshops, we hope to explore different topics and formats that offer fast-paced sharing of ideas between colleagues (Hawk Strikes and 4 Rs), along with ongoing support for reading across all disciplines (Reading Apprenticeship).

How can the CTEI support you or your colleagues? Leave a comment below to let us know!