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Share Your Techspertise

CTEI Happenings would love to post articles about how you are using technology in the classroom. These articles could serve as a reference for teachers who need just a pointer to the technology and not a full session. Or they could serve to let teachers know who else already knows how to use certain software. […]

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Monday Morning Mentor

Part-time teachers can earn additional pay under the AFO contract for attending some CTEI sessions. This includes our virtual sessions through Monday Morning Mentor. If a teacher watches two Monday Morning Mentor segments and sends their notes for the sessions along with the reimbursement form to Jeff Morford or Pamela Stewart we can submit this […]

Word Cloud about Professional Development

Annual Invitation to Join the CTEI Advisory Board

The CTEI Advisory Board is currently a walk-on committee, meaning any full or part-time faculty member is welcome to join. Full-time instructors looking to fulfill their contractual obligation of college-wide committee involvement or participation in shared governance can do so without the worry of going through an election.  Part-time instructors receive a stipend for participation […]

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Colleague Day

You can learn about mentoring (and take a break from all that grading) on Thursday, May 2. See the flyer for more details. Colleague Development Registration Form

The brain is happy I finally found delay delivery. It is jumping for joy.

Delay Delivery Video

Transcript: I have had trouble finding how to delay delivery on email messages. That is because I usually use the web client. The desktop client makes that easy. Click New Email. Create it as usual. Select options at the top. Click Delay delivery. Set your options under “Do not deliver before.” Click close and then […]

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Dropping Messages on the Outlook Calendar to Make Appointments

Someone showed me today that if you drop a message on the calendar application you can create a calendar entry that has all that messages text. You can then adjust all the fields of the calendar and invite more people to any meeting. This can save some typing and keep all the original text of […]

The three dots on a message in the preview pane allow you to block a user.

Blocking Users on Outlook

About once a day I look in the junk folder of Outlook to make sure that there is nothing important there. Frequently I see some of the same companies, or people sending me messages I do not want. There is an easy way to stop these messages so they do not clutter your mailbox using […]