Cover of Dr. Hashim Al-Tawil's book

Faculty Sabbatical Report: Dr. Hashim Al-Tawil

Dr. Hashim Al-Tawil, art history professor at HFC, will share his experience on his sabbatical leave in 2018. The talk will cover the research, writing, and publishing of the textbook History of Arab Art. The presentation will be illustrated with visual power point display, copies of the book will be on display, and time for […]

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Faculty Learning Communities

What is a Faculty Learning Community? Over the next month, the CTEI would like to help establish Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs). FLCs are groups of instructors who meet to solve a problem or to improve a particular aspect of their teaching, such as  the flipped classroom, student belonging and engagement, or teaching with technology. How […]

4 R’s: Get Your HFC Questions Answered

At the CTEI we, of course, support the 3R’s reading, writing, and arithmetic. After all the current CTEI co-directors come from the communication and math departments. We also believe in a chance to help everyone learn more about the College. So we have 4 R’s. ‘Rite it, read it, reserve it, refer it. We will […]

A portion of the cover of Teaching Naked Techniques

Bowen Handouts

Last Friday José Bowen led two engaging sessions- a keynote speech at UM-Dearborn and a workshop at Henry Ford College. Several people have asked whether we can get more copies of the hand outs or more information. For more information the best place to go is to the website teaching naked. The Borrow and the […]

A hawk catches a hare. Shanthanu Bardwaj CC2

Hawk Strikes – We Need Your Help

On October 10 and October 11 from 11 AM until noon the CTEI will offer two fun, fast-paced sessions called Hawk Strikes. Hawk Strikes give areas a chance to show off new curriculum, or new pedagogy in their areas. And you only have to present for 5 minutes. In fact we will insist you only […]

Brain holding books

Reading Matters – Reading Apprenticeship

We live in a time where students have unlimited access to information through their electronic devices.  While we may push out academic content via Moodle, Remind, Slack, or another LMS, print/paper text continues to present a significant challenge for many of our learners.  What can we do to nudge reluctant readers to engage with the […]

Zombie holding brain mascot is a pun between IT and the It movie series. It's funny word play. Laugh.

IT Lives: Sessions on Moodle Gradebook and the Portal

The CTEI is proud to announce two sessions about instructional technology on our campus. Both sessions will repeat in the hopes of capturing everyone who wishes to attend. While we should have room for drop-ins, please consider signing up for the sessions that interest you to ensure we have adequate seating. Learn the basics of […]