A wheel showing tools in Drawboard. It is one way you navigate with that program.


If you use a Windows based machine there are other options for annotating a PDF beyond the built in annotation tool in HFCOnline/Moodle. Drawboard is one program that at the time I write this is on sale for S5.99 (It is usually twice that.) The video below shows some of the things you can do […]

Blue Crystal Brain Evoking a Sense of Technology

Digital Education Day Details

March 20, 2020 is Digital Education Day. Faculty from several campuses will learn why some myths about digital education are not true. Among the myths to be busted are that There is no way to get THIS course online Since digital natives have used social media all their lives they are better at all aspects […]

Clock with question mark on face CC0 from PICRYL

Save the Date: Friday, March 20

The University of Michigan Dearborn has hosted a Digital Education Day for each of the last four years. Their promotional materials note, “The event includes seminars, panels, and workshops on a variety of popular digital education topics at UM-Dearborn and neighboring institutions.” You can see the kind of sessions they have sponsored at their Hub’s […]

The Twitter bird

CTEI Social Media

The CTEI now has social media where we will announce posts to CTEI Happenings and make session announcements. Twitter: @iteachhfc Instagram: iteachhfc Fortunately, iteachhfc was available on both platforms.

The CTEI brain, wearing sunglasses, is ready for spring break.

Spring Break and Email

So, I thought pointing to the away-from-email-feature in Outlook might be topical since some teachers will not check email during spring break or might plan to check email less often. You can set Outlook to send a message to those who contact you so that they know when to expect a reply. I prefer the […]