Faculty Learning Communities


Technology in Teaching (Sarah Castillo, Hannan Fadlallah, Melinda Dewitt, Rosemary Miketa, Pamela Stewart)
They are preparing for Digital Education Days at UM-D. This meeting was postponed from winter 2020 because of the Covid-19 pande

What is a Faculty Learning Community?
FLCs are groups of instructors who meet to solve a problem or to improve a particular aspect of their teaching, such as  the flipped classroom, student belonging and engagement, or teaching with technology.

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How are Faculty Learning Communities different from other committees?
Each group has the autonomy to direct its own work and the flexibility to set its own meeting schedule.  It is assumed that a group will meet 5 – 6 times over the course of a semester, to read, share, and support one another’s teaching. The group consists of teachers with a common interest, so it is supportive, empathetic, and non-threatening. FLC members may choose to have social activities in addition to traditional meetings.

What kind of commitment does a Faculty Learning Community require?
FLCs typically meet about once every two or three weeks for two hours. Since the community members depend on one another, members must commit to attending except in the cases of emergency. We all get behind in our grading or other work from time to time, but the FLC should be a priority. We hope that the FLC groups  will share what they learn in on campus sessions and perhaps with the broader professional community. Such sharing is at the discretion of group members.

How can I suggest an idea for a Faculty Learning Community?
You could email Eric (ewraderi@hfcc.edu) .

How can I join a Faculty Learning Community?  Watch for periodic announcements about FLC formation meetings. Or, find a group of 5, or more colleagues and let us know what you are up to.