Learning Communities

The CTEI is proud to announce the commencement of two New Learning Communities that will focus on Hyflex teaching modality and Authentic Assessments.

HFC HyFLEX Learning Community-

Next Gathering Scheduled: June 23, 2022
Topic: What is the Impact of HyFlex Courses on Campus Community?


The next gathering will discuss the potential impact that offering HyFlex (hybrid and flexible) courses may have on-campus community life. When students are free to choose to attend class in person (on-campus) or online, does this change the campus experience? With legitimate concerns over the reduced social engagement on campuses during the pandemic, and the impact that may be having on school enrollment and class registrations, this is an important question for institutional leadership to consider, and HyFlex practitioners should be part of this discussion. Does a large number of HyFlex courses further reduce on-campus community? Does offering flexible learning solutions to students attract more enrollment? How can we assess the impacts?  Bring your ideas, questions, and comments, and join us live online if you can. Registration link: https://bit.ly/3HdkSOJ

Authentic Assessment Community-Betsy Cohen-TBD-Fall 2022

All are welcome to join our faculty conversations on Authentic Assessments to help address the ongoing debate on Academic Integrity. It is clear that we need additional solutions than a testing center and PSI to address our concerns, but Betsy Cohen and others will share their practices and ideas about authentic assessments. To learn more about Authentic Assessments this toolbox is a great starting point: http://jfmueller.faculty.noctrl.edu/toolbox/

ReBuild Detroit Learning Communities


1)Science, Technology & Race, E. Prasad Venugopal, venugoep@udmercy.edu

2)Best practices in the online learning environment, Arthur Ko,koar@udmercy.edu

3)Inclusive Teaching, Liz Roberts-Kirchhoff, robkires@udmercy.edu

4)An Exploration of DEI through Film, Video, & Podcasts, Tracye Davis, davis52@hfcc.Janice Gilliland, jlgilliland@hfcc.edu

5)Anti-Racism in Service Learning, Father Tim Hipskind, hipskijt@udmeryc.edu

6)Student Success, Shetina Jones, jonessm7@udmercy.eduFor general information, contact LC Coordinator, Dr. Jahzara D. E. Mayes, otoojm@udmercy.edu