Brown Bag Update

The Discussion Group on Assessment has set the theme of the next Brown Bag Session on February 28. We will look at technology products for informal assessment. For instance presenters will model Plickers, Kahoot!, Quizlet, and Quizizz. If you use such a product for assessment or just want to learn more join us in N-001 at 1 PM on February 28.

The discussion last Friday also covered rubrics, emotional aspects of grading (for students and teachers!), revisions of work, and more. Watch for sessions on some of these topics in March and April.

Brown Bag for Winter

This Winter’s Brown Bag series will focus on grading and assessment. Please attend on January 31 from 1-2 PM in N-001 to learn how your colleagues grade and assess. You can bring an example of how you grade or an interesting assessment or just listen to other teachers describe their system.

At the end of the session we will set more specific themes for the last two sessions- still related to grading and assessment. So, you can help us set themes that will most benefit you and other teachers in your area.

Spotlight on Math

In addition to the always bright shining Bioluminescence series of workshops the math department also has a series of workshops open to all faculty. Watch for Spotlight on Math on the CTEI calendar. While some of the topics may be specific to math others will have more general interest.

For example this Thursday and next Wednesday (Room G-217, 3:30-4:30) the department will describe its corequisite courses. So, if you are interested in corequisites to see how the students in your program are being prepared you can attend. Or if you are thinking about accelerated models in your area you could attend. Or if you wanted to compare other models like English’s Accelerated Learning Program you could attend.

The math data on corequisite courses is encouraging as you can see at

Later in the semester the depart will have a session titled Assessment: You Gotta and Your Oughta Wanna that will focus on math assessment but may be of general interest for other areas looking to revise or initiate course and ILO assessment.

One drawback to the Spotlight on Math series as compared to the Bioluminescence series is the store-bought instead of home baked snacks served at the sessions.