And Then There Was One- Calendar

The default setting in desktop Outlook is to have multiple calendars show up without overlapping. This must be useful for someone, somewhere.

Fortunately, my next door neighbor at work (along with, I suppose, millions of users world-wide) discovered how to change this. There is an arrow at the top tab of each calendar pointing left. Click the arrow to fold that calendar into the next one over.

(The text above describes what I show in the video below.)

Expanded CTEI Calendar

The CTEI Calendar has added some additional professional development activities on campus. First, we have added the Faculty Senate selected and Vice President of Academic Affairs sponsored Faculty Lectureship sessions. Chelsea Lonsdale will lecture on Teaching Queerly in the Community College on October 9 at 2:10 PM and October 10 at 10:10 AM.

We have also added some events from the Instructional Media Center. They are offering a 5-session training on the campus LMS. Each session will repeat six times. The first sessions are the week of September 24 and each week a new session is offered through the month of October. See the calendar for details.

Visit our full calendar anytime at: