Information about How to Use EMAIl and OFFICE

The URL above is maintained by the Network and Infrastructure (IT) area of the College. When they get questions or concerns from employees at the College about how to use an email or office feature they develop a PDF or video or have a partner company develop a PDF or video.

The first place you may want to check to see if your question have been answered is the Documents section of the Sharepoint site.

A screen capture showing the contents of the Documents directory at the Sharepoint site where Network and Infrastructure (IT) shares documents.
Look here first!

Delay Delivery Video

Transcript: I have had trouble finding how to delay delivery on email messages.

That is because I usually use the web client. The desktop client makes that easy.

Click New Email. Create it as usual. Select options at the top. Click Delay delivery.

Set your options under “Do not deliver before.” Click close and then send your email.

You can expect an email from me on April 17 about the last Brown Bag session.

I sent it April 8.


Blocking Users on Outlook

About once a day I look in the junk folder of Outlook to make sure that there is nothing important there. Frequently I see some of the same companies, or people sending me messages I do not want. There is an easy way to stop these messages so they do not clutter your mailbox using the web version of Outlook.

Simply click on the three dots and select the user name to block that user. Good bye Michael Tobin of Tobin Law Institute!

Please let me know about tips and tricks you have discovered in Outlook. If I don’t reply I have probably accidentally blocked you.

Liking Emails

So, you have probably had times when you wanted to acknowledge you received an email message, but you did not really have anything to say in reply. You reply “Thank you.” The other user has to spend time reading another email. Rarely they might even reply “You’re welcome.” You have to read another email. Who is to say it stops there? Maybe soon you are exchanging photos of your pets, or speculating on whether Aaron Rodgers is past his prime.

With Outlook you can acknowledge an email without sending a reply.

Simply click the like button. You can find this just to the left of the the reply button on the web client.

Thumbs Up in a Pleasant Shade of Green
Thumbs Up in a Pleasant Shade of Green

The person who sent the mail will get an alert indicted by a number by the bell at the top of the screen. You are both back to doing what you were doing before.

Bell in a Pleasant Shade of Green
Bell in a Pleasant Shade of Green

Feel free to share your favorite tip about Outlook, share a pet photo, or share your opinion on Green Bay quarterbacks- past, or present in the comments.