Upcoming Fall Conferences & Programs


Monday Morning Mentor Series

The Magna  Monday Morning Mentor will return this fall and continue to
deliver a popular 20-Minute Mentor program once a week for 16 weeks in
the fall and 16 weeks in the winter. Access to these programs will be
available in the CTEI weekly Digest and Blog every Monday morning.
Please join us and expand your professional development to learn and
foster new ideas, and apply new strategies to your repertoire with
respected and experienced academic peers, focus on timely and relevant
topics that answer a specific question or issue in just 20
minutes—long enough to provide actionable applications, but short
enough to fit anyone’s schedule.

Week 3: How Will OER Benefit the 21st Century Student?

Password: century16

Supplementary material : here

Team Work Tuesdays

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success”

Do you have a question you hope other teachers can help you answer about
classroom management, technology, or really anything? Come and join us
during Teamwork Tuesdays to see how we can help answer any
questions.  If we can’t answer your questions or give suggestions, we
will help investigate. After all, we will make a great team together.
Links and Times will be advertised in the Weekly CTEI Digest and Blog.

Session 1: How Grammarly works in Moodle-9/14/2021 @ 6PM

Have you signed up for the premium version or are interested in embedding the ‘free’ Grammarly version into your course?  During our first Teamwork Tuesday session, eLearning will be available to show you how to embed the plugin into their LMS with IT support on stand-by.


Early Alerts and Retention
September, 3rd, 2021 @ 2pm

“Not to be missed and Time Sensitive”

The Early Alert System has been very successful in helping students who
are at risk of failing if they miss the first two weeks of class and/or
meet the N/A requirements of the college.  Come and learn how the Early
Alert Referral Form with Kat Tucker and other  Counseling-related
concerns with Lorraine Paffenroth from academic advising can help with
retention if students have not attended or logged into your classes and
you have been unable to reach them.

Why Sabbaticals Work

September, 24th, 2021 @ 3pm

Ryan Showler will be sharing the positive results of his recent sabbatical project to translate Peter Wessel Zapffe’s Om det tragiske (On the Tragic) into English during the COVID pandemic. Come and learn how a sabbatical can provide the time required to assess your personal and professional life, complete career, and educational goals that were put on the back burner as you reevaluate your career

Computer Technology ILO (CTILO) Workshop
October, 22nd, 2021 @ 1pm

Assessment matters when we can document our assessment practices to
demonstrate and improve student learning. Ruth Haller and her newly
formed technology team from CASL will be running a CTILO (Computer
technology ) assessment workshop. This workshop will be open to all
interested parties who understand the goal of assessment and how it
can be used to increase students’ academic achievement.

CTEI Fall Book Club-2021

Suggest more conferences to us in the comments or via email rmiketa@hfc.edu We know these may be online conferences for the next year

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