Upcoming Winter Conferences & Programs


Monday Morning Mentor Series

The Magna  Monday Morning Mentor will return this fall and continue to
deliver a popular 20-Minute Mentor program once a week for 16 weeks in
the fall and 16 weeks in the winter. Access to these programs will be
available in the CTEI weekly Digest and Blog every Monday morning.
Please join us and expand your professional development to learn and
foster new ideas, and apply new strategies to your repertoire with
respected and experienced academic peers, focus on timely and relevant
topics that answer a specific question or issue in just 20
minutes—long enough to provide actionable applications, but short
enough to fit anyone’s schedule.

Please see the CTEI Digest for the links to the program.

Team Work Tuesdays

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success”

Do you have a question you hope other teachers can help you answer about
classroom management, technology, or really anything? Come and join us
during Teamwork Tuesdays to see how we can help answer any
questions.  If we can’t answer your questions or give suggestions, we
will help investigate. After all, we will make a great team together.
Links and Times will be advertised in the Weekly CTEI Digest and Blog.

Session 1: Early AlertsTuesday 1/18/2022 @ 5pm

If you have students who are at risk of failing if they miss the first two weeks of class and/or
meet the N/A requirements of the college.  Come and learn how the Early
Alert Referral Form with Kat Tucker and other  Counseling-related
concerns with Lorraine Paffenroth from academic advising can help with
retention if students have not attended or logged into your classes and
you have been unable to reach them.


Building a Hyflex Modality-Dr Brian Beatty: 1/28/2022 @ 2:30 pm

If you would like to learn more about how to improve student access to high quality and equitable learning by using Hybrid Flexible (Hy-Flex) mode, Dr. Brian Beatty, the pioneer from San Francisco State University, will speak about its core values and how to design your class with all three modalities with less anxiety using his guided worksheets. To learn more about implementing student-directed hybrid classes, please visit his OER book, and come with any questions you may have about the format.

This event will be offered in-person in N1 and on Zoom.

Digital Education Day-February, 2022

This is a joint HFC CTEI event with the University of Michigan (Dearborn and Flint) that will address the themes of:

  • Academic Integrity and Authentic Assessments
  • Open Educational Resources,
  • and Accessibility

This event will feature two keynote speakers: Bonnie Stewart and Mays Imad followed by workshops, Q&A’s and panel discussions.

Day 1: Friday, February, 4th, 2022 @ 10am-12pm
Day 2: Wednesday, February, 9th, 2022 @ 1pm-3pm
Day 3: Tuesday, February, 15th, 2022 @ 3pm-5pm

“This collaboration with University of Michigan (Dearborn and Flint) should not be missed”

CTEI Fall Book Club-2022

CTEI Winter Book Club Poll-2022

A book poll is now running in Bookclubz to determine what we would like to read next winter when we resume our book club. Please feel free to add a book here (opens in a new window) that has caught your eye before our poll at the end of January. It will automatically populate books from your reading list once you add one. I will send reminders closer to the date to help roll this along

All are invited to join the book club here: https://bookclubz.com/clubs/41487/join/986a5c/

Suggest more conferences to us in the comments or via email rmiketa@hfc.edu We know these may be online conferences for the next year

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