Monday Morning Mentor


With Monday Morning Mentor, HFC faculty and staff will access a 20-Minute Mentor program once a week for 16 weeks in the spring. Week in and week out, these programs, presented by respected academic peers, cover timely and relevant topics in only 20 minutes—long enough to provide actionable insights but short enough to fit anyone’s schedule.

Teamwork Tuesdays

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”

Themes about retention, classroom management, technology, and resources will be shared and discussed in our Teamwork Tuesday Sessions with Early Alerts, Counselling, Library, and eLearning. Come and join us during Teamwork Tuesdays to see how we can help answer your questions. If we can’t answer your questions or give suggestions, we will help investigate. After all, we will make a great team together. 

 September 6th @ 2pm“How to Use Early Alerts” with Kat Tucker (Early Alert Manager) Student support specialists will discuss with faculty when we should use this system to help our students succeed in our classes.
 September 20th @ 3pmHow to pronounce Arabic Names with Tazeen Ayoub (Arabic Instructor) and Hanan Fadallah (ELI Instructor)  To help our Arabic students feel inclusive,this session will give you instructional practice in reading Arabic names correctly.
  October 18th @ 3pmThe Library Resource of the Month with Janel Mills and Tessa BettsThe library has an extensive range of resources to help our students and staff. Come learn more about the resource of the month.
  November 16th @ 3pmStudent Advising and the Welcome Center with Lorraine Paffenroth (Manager of Academic Advising and Student Success).Learn how students can receive professional advice with a walk-through of the admission and enrollment process and what goes on in the Welcome Center

CTEI/ITC/CASL Present a Mini-Conference:

“Alternative Assessments & Academic Integrity”-9/23/2022-1-3pm

Jon Muller, professor of Psychology at North Central College in Naperville, IL, will share his knowledge and expertise on authentic assessments to help mitigate academic integrity problems that are creating havoc for all schools.  Mr. Muller’s presentation will focus on pragmatic strategies that are found in his Authentic Assessment Toolbox as possible resources for our colleagues to adopt after sharing his expertise on the subject and explaining why we should adopt a variety of authentic assessments in class & online. 

The keynote speaker will be followed by breakout sessions with practitioners who use alternative assessments. These sessions will run concurrently and cover the following:

  1. Oral Assessments using Flipgrid and Voice-Activated Discussion Boards
  2. Using Alternative Assessments such as OneNote, Portfolios, & Social Annotations with Hypothes. is
  3. How to embed and report Critical Thinking ILOs within each school
  4. Register here in advance:

NEW THIS FALL! CTEI Faculty-Led Article Discussion Groups

In the interest of living up to the “innovation” aspect of our name, HFC’s CTEI plans to try a new spin on the old book discussion group format previously sponsored by the hub. Instead of unilaterally providing all faculty with the same text, we would like to pilot a new variation on this old theme – one that allows for more active engagement and agency on your part.

The plan is to form groups of four who would be interested in meeting monthly with their colleagues to discuss one brief article chosen and shared each month by a different group member.  Preferably, these pieces will be available for digital distribution, which is clearly more eco-friendly and will save the time, money, and hassle of each instructor having to secure a hard copy of one specific text.

In piloting this new concept, as interest dictates, we are open to organizing groups that will be discipline-specific and/or more cross-disciplinary, allowing faculty to gravitate toward their own areas of interest.  Meanwhile, the texts may be culled – as is appropriate to the situation – from various sources, ranging from academic and educational journals to broader pieces on higher education to potentially even blog posts by other academics about the field.

If you are considering participating this fall, please complete this form and reach out to one of the CTEI Co-Directors via e-mail, Rosemary Miketa ( or Scott Still (, expressing your interest and indicating whether you would be more inclined to join a discipline-specific or general-interest group.


The NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR STUDENT SUCCESS: MICHIGAN CHAPTER (NOSSMI) advances student success by working to help underprepared students prepare, prepared students to advance, and advanced students excel. HFC and Schoolcraft have formed a network of post-secondary faculty, administrators, staff, and students committed to student success by focusing on learning as a life-long process.

2022 Conference: Making Connections

NOSSMi will hold its 2022 Conference on October 28. The conference will be held at Schoolcraft College. Please stay tuned for more details

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