The Mathematics Department will have a series of sessions on Thursdays this fall that focus either on areas of the campus that support math instruction or on improving math instruction. The first session is at 3:30 on September 6 and features Dr. Daniel Herbst speaking about how the work of the Student Affairs office intersects with the work of mathematics teachers. The second session, the next week at the same time, will focus on teaching in the pathway to calculus- that is teaching students in STEM fields. A complete draft calendar is ready for the fall.

The CTEI can point a spotlight at professional development in your area, too. We would get to learn about ongoing professional development at the College, some of which might have appeal to a broad audience at the College. We could create general sessions in following semesters, and, in return, you would get CTEI marketing for your sessions. In addition it would support an argument the College’s Human Resources Department that these events qualify for reimbursement for part-time teachers who attend the session. Although, for this reason we cannot shine a spotlight on routine training required to do your work at the College.

If you are interested in having professional development sessions in your area featured by the CTEI please contact Pamela Stewart or Jeff Morford.

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